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Introduction to CMI


Welcome to the online training program in Comprehensive Motivational Interventions (CMI). CMI is a set of highly structured, evidence-informed, stepped-care self-management support tools and techniques based on the principles and practice of Motivational Interviewing and behavior and health system change.

Overview of Methods, Media and Time Commitment
“CMI Core Competencies,” a course developed by Steven Cole with contributions from Mary Cole, Damara Gutnick, and Connie Davis, will teach you eight basic competencies to use “Brief Action Planning,” (BAP), a practical motivational and self-management support technique for everyday practice. The course consists of approximately eight hours of multi-modal learning: online self-directed reading; three online interactive quizzes with feedback for incorrect answers; three high definition annotated video demonstration of skills; and three real-world field exercises to practice and consolidate skills.

Navigating the Online Course
The course is built around an online, automated, interactive learning program, which includes written materials, video demonstrations of all the skills covered, three online quizzes, and three field exercises. We recommend that you advance through the course systematically using the “Click Here to Continue” button at the bottom of each consecutive page. However, you can also choose to use the links found to the right of each page to navigate around the course and review course content in the manner that best suits your personal learning style.

Note: The online program will not bookmark where you left off in the course.

Logging In
Log in or out of the course anytime using the form found at the bottom left of each page. You should have received an email with your individual Username and Password. Keep this information handy. Bookmark this page in your browser to ensure a quick way back to your course.

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