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CMI Courses, Coaching & Certification

Course One of the CMI online training program focuses on the 8 core competencies of Brief Action Planning (B.A.P.), a practical motivational tool for everyday practice. Course One includes1-2 hours of self-directed learning, 3 real-world field exercises to practice skills and 3 quizzes to confirm knowledge mastered. For medical practitioners, the course is accredited by the Stony Brook Office of Continuing Medical Education for 8 hours of CME. Because the 3 field exercises involve practice of skills for behavior change over time in “role-play” with colleagues as well as real-world practice of skills with patients or clients (if possible) over time, the course can take as long as 6-8 weeks to complete for maximal mastery of knowledge and skills.

Workshop Learning & Coaching

The Centre for Comprehensive Motivational Interventions (www.CentreCMI.ca) provides
 workshop learning and individual coaching of skills related to Brief Action Planning. Steven Cole, MD also provides workshops and individual coaching. You can reach Dr. Cole at stevecolemd@gmail.com or fill out a request for information on the “Contact Us” page.


The Centre for Comprehensive Motivational Interventions (www.CentreCMI.ca) provides formal certification for competency in Brief Action Planning with a short 10-minute telephonic test using a simulated patient exercise. In our experience, most clinicians require some workshop learning or between 2-6 hours of individual coaching in addition to the online learning program to achieve certification in BAP.

Advanced Skills

At the present time, “Advanced CMI,” covers 13 additional skills to help you motivate individuals with chronic complex problems and persistent unhealthy behaviors.

You can also receive individualized telephonic training by a certified CMI Coach.